Erosion in the Park

The Baldwin Manor Park has been a source of peace and beauty for decades within the Whitehall community. Year after year, committed residents give generously of their time and resources to keep the park maintained so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. The park is a gem, tucked away from the hustle of busy life, providing solace and nature to those looking for a reprieve from their daily work.

Unfortunately, the integrity of our park has been compromised by a stormwater project installed by Whitehall Borough around 2007-2009 (The Rolling Hills Stormsewer Project). This project re-routed a significant amount of water from parts of Brownsville, Norwin, Rolling Hills, Baptist, and Old Boston into the small park streambed, a degree of volume and velocity it could not handle. The effects of the erosion have been devastating.

-The pedestrian bridge had to be replaced in 2020 because it was completely washed away from the stormwater.

-Approximately eight sewer laterals situated in the streambed are now heavily exposed and are at risk for leaking toxins.

-There is significant downcutting of the stream within its channel and part of the streambed is now encroaching the walking path.

-The rock and geotextile material installed at the outlet pipe near the top of the path has become dislodged and is failing. In addition, this area is heavily traveled by park patrons and is very unsightly. It detracts from the vision and efforts to beautify the park put forth by the park volunteers.

Many residents have reached out to share their concerns about the erosion they see occurring in the park and want to know what the park board has done or is currently doing to correct the problem. For the last several years, the park board has collected information from the DEP, PA Western Conservancy, ACCD, and other environmental organizations. In addition, board members have consulted with civil engineers and have sought legal council over this matter due to Whitehall Borough not showing any interest in discussing this matter with the park association. Please take time to review the picture gallery, showing before and after pictures of our beloved park. Also, for full transparency click on the link to view the 60-day notice that was recently sent to Whitehall Borough. If you would like more information or to further support this cause, please complete the form below. Thank you!!

Photos courtesy of: Mary Beth Aielllo, Michelle Crawley, and Sue Vietmeier

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